Plenary sessions 2019

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José Luis Mendoza Cortés

Florida State University, USA.

Fundamentals of Materials by Design and Machine Learning in the Materials Genome/Atlas for Artificial Photosynthesis and Energy Storage


Tito Scaiano

University of Ottawa, Canada.

The many faces of Titanium Dioxide: Fron H2 generation and water decontamination, to Green Catalysis Inspired by Crop Rotation Practices in Agriculture

Ricardo Pablo-Pedro


Design of theoretical models for  low dimensional materials  for electronic applications

Andrea Araya

Laboratorio Nacional de Nanotecnología LANOTEC-CeNAT-CONARE, Costa Rica

Nanostructured multicomponent organic material of poorly water soluble drugs and nutraceutics

Oxana Vasilievna Kharissova

Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico

 Carbon−Carbon Allotropic Hybrids and Composites

Hai-Feng (Frank) Ji

Drexel University, USA

Optoelectronic applications of Red Phosphorus Nanomaterials

Paola Ayala

University of Vienna, Austria

Gerardo García Naumis

IF-UNAM, Mexico.

Electronic and optical properties of strained graphene

Cecilia Noguez

IF-UNAM, Mexico




Mildred Quintana Ruíz

IF-UASLP, Mexico

Tailoring graphene wetting properties towards applications

Patricia Saavedra

Anton Paar México

Aplicaciones exitosas de Síntesis de Nanoparticulas en reactores de microondas

Malrcela Beltrán Sánchez

IIM-UNAM, Mexico

A global genetic algorithm-DFT method for the search of energy minima: (4-30) atom gold clusters

Michael Zharnikov

Universität Heidelberg, Germany




Short Courses


Maykel Courel Piedrahita

Centro Universitario de los Valles, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

First Workshop on Solar Cell Simulation


Hugo Marcelo Flores Ruíz

Centro Universitario de los Valles, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Hydrocarbon Mixtures and Ionic Liquids with GROMACS

Ana Lilia González Ronquillo

IFUAP, Mexico.

Fundamentals of plasmonic response

Patricia Saavedra

Anton Paar México

Síntesis de Nanoparticulas en Reactores Monomodales. Identificación con Espectrometría RAMAN

Rosario Espinosa

Anton Paar México

The art of stabilizing nanoparticles by photo-correlation spectrometry. Dynamic Light scattering , Electrophoretic light scattering





José Guillermo Méndez Bermúdez

Centro Universitario de los Valles, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

3th Workshop on Molecular Simulation

Gloria Arlette Méndez Maldonado

Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e

ingenierías, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

3th Workshop on Molecular Simulation