Nanofilm characterization through XPS

Summary of academic career

  • Professor of Materials Science.  CINVESTAV-México (1994-to date).
  • Fellow of the American Vacuum Society “For his seminal contributions to developing quantitative surface analysis, especially for XPS” (2016).
  • Group leader, within the International Standardization Organization (ISO/TC201:SC7), for the development of a standard about the determination of the background in XPS data.
  • First Vice Chairman of the E42 Committee (Surface Analysis) of the ASTM (2009-to date).
  • Chairman (“Technical Contact”) of subcommittees for the revision of standards related to XPS (background, charge reference).
  • Chairman of the surface analysis Terminology Subcommittee (2008-to date).
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Surface and Interface Analysis journal (2015 to date).
  • Secretary of the Applied Surface Science Division (2010-2013) of the International Union for Vacuum Science and Technology (IUVSTA). 
  • Member at Large of the Applied Surface Science Division of the American Vacuum Society (2007-2011). 
  • “Daniel Schechtman” Chair. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (2012-2013).
  • President of the Mexican Vacuum Society (2002-2004). 
  • Visiting Professor, University of Texas at Dallas (2005-2007).
  • 90+ papers, 1000+ citations, H-index 14. Graduate students: 10 Ph.D, 12 M.S., 1 B.D.


  • Posdoctorate. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 1994.
  • Ph.D. Applied Physics. Stanford University, 1994.
  • M.S. Applied Physics. Stanford University, 1991.
  • M.S Physics. CINVESTAV, 1988.
  • Bachelor in Physics. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, 1985.

Current Main Research Topics:

  • Transition metal oxides.
  • Background signal in XPS data.
  • Mass transport in multilayered nanofilms.